Governance Leads to SharePoint Success

With the release of SharePoint 2013, the subject of SharePoint governance has resurfaced in a big way. As with any major implementation, every successful SharePoint deployment should also include a comprehensive governance plan that is followed, enforced, and updated regularly. This plan will help direct the management and proper use of the software platform and eliminates the potential for the design and architecture of a SharePoint system becoming inconsistent over time, leading to poor user experience and increased cost of ownership.

But with varying views on exactly what SharePoint Governance should try to solve, many businesses are left asking, “What should my governance plan address?” In this infographic, we aim to highlight the top five things a SharePoint governance plan should solve. The business goals of a company will shape potential additions to this list, but tackle these items first, and then expand as needed.


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To learn more about SharePoint governance, download our eBook, Designing an Effective SharePoint Governance Plan. For additional assistance with creating a successful SharePoint governance plan for your organization, leverage the SharePoint Consulting Services of a trusted Microsoft partner.

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