Avicia Theme for SharePoint 2013

Following many requests to convert our popular responsive Avicia Office365 theme to SharePoint 2013, I have finally found the time to do it. Not an easy ride, since I had to go through the painful SharePoint 2013 installation on a virtual machine. But now that SP2013 is perfectly rolling I started to actually enjoy it. So, expect few more SharePoint 2013 branding goodies soon.

So, download the latest version of Avicia theme, follow the installation steps for the Office365 which are the same for SharePoint 2013 here. The only difference for SharePoint 2013 installation is the SP2013 folder added to the theme where the master page and the three page layouts were converted to SharePoint 2013.

Also, in order to use the Two Column page layout (Avicia-2Col.aspx) you need to create a new content type called2ndPageContent.
So, first, head over to Site Settings and create a new column by clicking the link “Site columns” under “Web Designer Galleries” and click Create.

Use 2ndPageContent for the Column name, use the existing group “Page Layout Column” and hit OK.


Next, go back to Site Settings, click on “Site content types”, click on “Article Page” under “Page Layout Content Types”. On the next page at the bottom click on “Add from existing site columns” and add 2ndPageContent to the right pane and click OK. Now, you will have two Rich HTML Fields on the same page.



Download Free Avicia Theme for SharePoint 2013

Installation Instructions

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