Blue Wave (Lindblum) – Premium SharePoint 2013 Theme

Blue Wave (Lindblum) Premium theme is extremely versatile with tons of options, easy to customize and loaded with great features. The clean modern design is built with HTML5 and CSS3 and uses the powerful responsive framework from Bootstrap to be a fully responsive and mobile friendly. It’s fully ready with all the tools you need to design an awesome corporate website. The Blue Wave (Lindblum) design is perfect for any kind of business, online store, portfolio or personal site. You are going to love how easy this theme is to work with.

Advanced Features
Our customize of Shortcodes, Page Templates and Theme Options give you full control over your website. Manage your site
like never before by using the countless powerful features that come packaged with all of our themes.

Pre-made Layouts
Blue Wave (Lindblum) Premium theme ships with 18 pre-made layouts that allow you to quickly jump start your development. These are completely
customizable and can be used as a great starting point for creating your own designs. Pre-Made layouts are something that make the Blue Wave (Lindblum) special. Not only does Blue Wave (Lindblum) come with dozens of pre-made layouts that can be used to quickly create websites in minutes, you can also create, save and load your own custom layouts for future use.

Responsive Design
Blue Wave (Lindblum) is wonderfully responsive no matter how you choose to configure your website. Each and every building block will
conform to your visitor’s screen, creating the most intuitive browsing experience. We know that your website needs to be readable on all devices while still allowing visitors to share your web pages. Sharing icons are fully responsive and look great all the way down to even the smallest mobile devices.

Custom CSS
Each Blue Wave (Lindblum) Builder item also has a Custom CSS tab where you can apply your own CSS to different elements. Blue Wave (Lindblum) doesn’t
require any advanced level of coding, but for those who want to use their web design skills, Blue Wave (Lindblum) won’t hold you back!

Cross-browser Compatibility
– Compatible with latest browsers (Working great on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10+)


02 Lindblum - Landing Page 2

Home Page

03 Lindblum - Services


04 Lindblum - Featured Projects

Featured Projects

05 Lindblum - What People Say

What People Say

06 Lindblum - Price

Product / Pricing

07 Lindblum - Newsletter

Newsletter and Social Media

08 Lindblum - Contact


09 Lindblum - Follow Us

Follow Us

Blue Wave (Lindblum) Theme Features
– Using latest Technology for Bootstrap and jQuery
– Elegant Theme for Corporate Style, Clean, Modern and Responsive Web Design
– Dynamic and Responsive Slider
– Include Search and Blog Layout
– Custom Responsive Page Layouts
– Three-columns, Two-columns and one column layout
– Responsive Top Navigation Menu
– Integrated with Google Fonts & Font Awesome Icons
– Built with HTML5 and CSS3
– Many useful elements: Tabs, Accordions, Testimonials, Pricing Tables, Taglines, Forms
– Free HTML Page Templates
– Support dynamic screen resolution (Responsive layout to support various mobile devices)
– Easy Manual to support the deployment and customization.

This Blue Wave (Lindblum) Theme only developed for SharePoint 2013 Publishing Sites (On Premise) Only.
One license Key only valid for one Intranet Portal.


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