Plan a Trip to Any City With Facebook’s "City Guides"

Avid travellers could soon rely on Facebook to help them plan their trips as it appears that the social network service is currently rolling out a feature called “City Guides” to the masses.

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If you’re one of the early ones who’ve managed to gain access to the feature, you’ll be able to find the City Guides feature through the Facebook app’s “More” menu. Through this feature, you’ll be able to select a city and gain some information about the city itself, on top of a list of friends that have visited the city you’re looking at.

places to goplaces to go

The biggest selling point that City Guides has lies in its “Suggestions” tab. From this tab, Facebook will compile a list of locations, ranging from restaurants to tourist attractions, that are popular there. Besides locations, Facebook will also list down any upcoming activities that will be held in the city as well.

popular attractionpopular attraction

If any of these locations or activities strike your fancy, Facebook has included a bookmark icon that lets you save these locations and/or activities into a simple list.

save locationsave location

Handy though the feature may be, do note that City Guides appears to be focused on international cities at the moment. As such, the feature may prove useless if you’re planning to visit places that are located outside popular cities.

However, considering the fact that City Guides is very much a feature that is still in its infancy, this problem may be remedied over time.

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