Chrome for iOS Now Comes With Read Later Option

Chrome for iOS users who would like to save articles for perusal later will finally get their wish as the Chrome 57 update brings with it the “Reading List” feature for Google’s browser.

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Functionally identical to the one that can be found on Safari, the Reading List feature for Chrome for iOS will let users save articles that can be read at a later time.

To do so, all you need to do is open the Share Sheet menu and tap on the “Read Later” option.

chrome read laterchrome read later

All articles that are saved can be easily accessed via the Reading List option found in Chrome’s Settings Menu. All saved articles are stored locally on the device itself, allowing the user to access them even when there is no internet connection. On top of that, Google saves the entire page instead of just the text, so you’ll be seeing the full webpage complete with images.

Additionally, Chrome for iOS sorts saved pages into “Unread” and “Pages You’ve Read”, allowing you to better keep track of your saved articles.

The one drawback that Chrome’s version of Reading List has is that the saved articles do not sync between devices at the moment, so you’ll only be able to access the Reading List on the specific device it was saved on.

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