How to Use Facebook Messenger’s New Reactions and Mentions Features

Over the coming weeks, Facebook’s Messenger app, as well as Work Chat in Workplace, will be receiving an update that would bring two new functionalities for the chat app that are targeted towards group chats.

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The first of the two new functionalities is Message Reactions, a feature that allows users to react to a message a la Facebook comments. Once the update goes live, tapping and holding a message will cause a box to appear, housing a number of reactions.

tap and hold imagestap and hold images

Tapping on a reaction will cause you to attach it to the message involved, after which everyone else will be able to see it. The original author of the message will also receive a notification about the reaction.

receive notificationsreceive notifications

The second functionality that will be coming to Messenger is “Mentions”. Similar to the system that can be found on the Facebook-owned WhatsApp, Mentions would allow Messenger users to highlight a specific individual in a group chat by using the “@” symbol. Much like the Message Reactions, users that are mentioned will receive a notification about it.

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